On April 8th, the “Creating a Parallel Cyber World MG Cyberster High-Energy Romanticism” event came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai. “The world’s first purely electric e-sports cockpit” MG Cyberster, subverts the boundaries between traditional mobility scenes and e-sports entertainment experience, with high-energy romantic design aesthetics, leading mechanical performance, cutting-edge intelligent technology, and an e-sports cockpit deeply interprets the core characteristics of the MG Cyber product line which is “trendy, intelligent, and forging ahead”.

Inheriting the classics, highlighting the aura of a sporty car

As the world’s first pure electric super sports gaming cockpit, MG Cyberster is created by MG global design team, inheriting the classic convertible shape and trendsetting attitude of MGB Roadster, adopting MG brand new design philosophy “high-energy romanticism”, showing the strong contrast between violent aesthetics and romanticism but perfectly balanced in the meantime.

The front face inherits the design of MG’s classic round headlamps and a slender grille. The “magic eye” interactive headlamps show individuality. The slender chrome sets the front into two layers, with a recessed grille and an eye-catching lower lip, the front appearance is very stunning. In order to achieve better aerodynamic performance, MG Cyberster has evolved the grille into an aerodynamic air duct leading to the front wheels, interpreting the new minimalist aesthetics in the EV era. The side view is also very elegant. The “laser belt” LED light is matched with the sensual surface, which perfectly blends the futuristic sense and the beauty of the curved surface. In addition, the 7-spoke “hacker blade” central locking high-performance wheels also greatly enhance the overall dynamic of the body.

The tail of MG Cyberster adopts a European aerodynamic design. The fast flattened rear effectively improves the rear turbulence and brings better aerodynamic performance. The “Red Wing” through-type taillight outlines the Kammback’s style through a slender line, which is concise and clear. The luminous LOGO, arrow-shaped turning signals, side air outlets, and bottom spoiler adopt an integrated embedded design, which fully presents the sports car’s sense of movement.

Digitalized e-sports cockpit leads the future

MG Cyberster interior looks graceful, efficient, and has the ability to connect IoT. It not only has a mileage of 800 kilometers and accelerating from 0 to 100km/h less than 3 seconds but also has a new intelligent pure electric architecture and 5G interconnection capabilities, providing consumers with endless possibilities.

The “digital fiber” interior design theme adopts a driver-centric layout, with a left and right separated cockpit design, and a large-sized LED instrument with a second central screen, which enhances the driving pleasure. The interaction is realized through full touch. The single-piece multi-theme instrument not only integrates all the key information but also visually presents the classic European minimalist sports style. The zero-gravity seat adopts a multi-faceted floating style, which highlights the visual lightness. The red leather handle on the door panel corresponds to the “laser belt”, the sharp lines and the parameterized texture give a strong momentum, and the emotional shape extends from the outside to the inside, which is a unified whole.

In addition, MG brand and Bilibili E-sports have jointly created the industry’s first super-car gaming cockpit, which has an immersive interior with e-sports themed sound and lighting design, a real sense of game interaction system, an in-car gaming experience, and a gaming-fleet mode, etc., allowing Gen-Z users to blend in the real and virtual worlds.

In terms of performance, MG Cyberster is equipped with an upgraded version of moduleless battery (CTP) technology, which can achieve a long mileage of 800 kilometers. MG Cyberster has the ability to break 100KM acceleration in less than 3 seconds. MG Cyberster has advanced smart technology, which is mainly manifested in intelligent driving, active-upgrading technology, and smart cockpit. A L3 autonomous driving technology is also available on MG Cyberster.