SAIC MOTOR Corporation Limited (SAIC MOTOR) China’s largest A-share market automotive manufacturing company home based in Shanghai, has established its British Technical Centre back in May, 2007 in Birmingham, UK. In January, 2009, the centre then moved to Longbridge, UK and developed a focused approach towards technology and design. Led by the British designer Anthony Williams, the UK team dedicated itself to the interior and exterior design of all MG products across the globe


The team of 300 highly experienced engineers based in the European Engineering Technical Centre play a vital role in all MG products and provide additional support for the development of product in China. They develop the initial concepts for all new vehicles and ensure that each model meets the legislation and preferences of every customers.


Dr. Sun General Manager “We constantly endeavour to be the best and being the best means we need international state of the art resources while focusing on consistency and being a leader in our market as our overall vision says that our company will strive to Build an innovative, globally-recognized company that pioneers the automotive future.”

In fact, the team is currently heavily involved in the global development of a new power train initiative, with a sharp focus on creating new green technologies. Thus far, these talented and experienced designers have been responsible for some of the exciting, new models of MG and continue to work on array of exciting future projects.

As an integral part of the SAIC Motor Technical Centre based in Shanghai, China it serves as a unified global vehicle process by integrating research and development with a team consisting of more than 4,000 people. These Technical Centres operate as one global family, with a fully integrates management structure, organisation, planning process, common global IT systems, software and strategies to ensure a seamless operation across the 6,000 miles and 8 hour time difference. Interactive tools allow the designers to communicate freely and specific communication tools have been implemented in order to leverage the performance of the company from both UK and China.